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Middle Ninfa Farm





Getting in touch to arrange a visit:

This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or 01873 854662





Property Description:

17th Century cottage on smallholding, with solar hot water, solar PV, air source heat pump and extensive gardens and woodland.


Technology categories:

  • Solar hot water

  • Air source heat pump

  • PV

  • Composting toilets

  • Garden and woodland


Detailed information about features:

17th Century stone cottage and 23 acre smallholding on the slopes of Blorenge mountain. The property has solar hot water, solar PV panels and an air source heat pump. The smallholding includes an extensive vegetable garden, orchard, greenhouses and polytunnel all sustainable managed plus 9 acres of mixed broadleaved woodland planted 1997-2001, chestnut coppice.and withy beds. Small campsite has composting toilets and a solar shower.


Open times:


Getting there:

Middle Ninfa Farm is off the B4269 between Llanfoist and Llanellen. Coming from Llanfoist on Gipsy Lane you will come to a sharp right angled bend to the left. Go carefully round this and you will see red lines in the road which used to indicate the end of the 30 mph limit until they shifted it forward a bit. From those lines you can see Grove Farm on your left with white stones stop people driving on their grass. You don’t want to turn into Grove farm but from their driveway you can see ahead of you a turning on the right going steeply and sharply bending up the mountain. THIS IS THE TURNING YOU WANT. Most people miss it but from Grove farm entrance (or from the new end of 30 mph sign) it is easy to spot.

Go up this road which is narrow and steep. You go over the canal. The road deteriorates and you reach a huge newly built driveway on the left, Castell Prydydd. Drive on past another turning (their previous entrance) and past grapevines on the left, with plastic bird of prey to keep small birds away. Continue to the small brow of a hill by a bungalow. I recommend you take this small hill slowly as there is poor visibility.

The road goes around and then up very steeply. At the top you will see a little white cottage saying Lower Ninfa on the side. The road bends to the left in front of the cottage and you want the next proper driveway on the right. (Not the entrance to the muddy field.) There is a sign saying Middle Ninfa Farm but most people miss it. As you turn into the drive keep well to the LEFT of the entrance and give it lots of welly, especially if it is wet. I don’t know why but the back wheels can catch in the drain and it is difficult to get out. You also need the left hand branch of the drive and the right hand bit goes back to Lower Ninfa. It is quite obvious when you see it. By now you will have seen why you needed lots of welly. Please be very careful not to go on the grass. Go over the cattle grid at the top and the bunkhouse is on your left by the cattle grid.


Grid Reference:

SO 285 116

Disabled Access:

Limited access for wheelchairs